about NAVIA


has been founded by Jos Egas en Rokus den Hartog in 1998.
Prior to the founding of NAVIA they were employed for over 20 years by an internationally operating Dutch shipyard.
In several positions within this shipyard a broad experience in technical and commercial matters was gained.
Additionally the knowledge as necessary for the sub-contracting of hulls in countries with relatively low labourcost was acquired in this period.

The sub-contracting of hull construction abroad became a usual practice in the marine industry at that time in order to cope with the increasing demand for ships.

This market development led to the founding of NAVIA and NAVIA has specialised in the design, engineering and contracting of hulls in Easteuropean countries ever since.

Building of hulls in Eastern Europe causes specific problems such as:

  -  more complicated contract and financing conditions

  -  required detailed technical documentation

  -  supply of equipment and materials not locally available

  -  transport of the hull from the building site to the Netherlands

  -  export & import formalities

Moreover intensive support of and regular technical inspections at the building yard are necessary to safeguard the quality of the hulls to be built.


has the know-how and experience at disposal to solve these problems, to take care of support and inspections and to deliver East European built hulls in accordance with West European standards as applicable to quality and technical execution.