is a company specialised in the design, engineering and contracting of hulls for double hull chemical tankers, gastankers, cargoships and workboats.


is a reliable contractpartner who's experience, knowledge and service is appreciated by many clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

news update December 2010

at BARKMET's Lovosice yard in the Czech Republic, the hull with yardno. CT 0961, mts "HARINGVLIET" has been launched successfully on 2 December 2010.

for the same Owner the hull with yardno. CT 0960, mts "GREVELINGEN" was launched earlier in 2010.

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with the BARKMET yard a contract has been concluded for the building of the hull for a chemical tanker with stainless steel (DUPLEX) cargotanks; delivery is scheduled for September 2011.

also at the BARKMET yard the hull with yardno. CT 0962, the 3rd and last of the series 110 x 13.50 m. hulls, is under construction; launching will take place early April 2011.